Var finns er klinik?

Vår klinik ligger på Djursholmsvägen 14 i Täby, strax utanför Stockholm.

How will you recreate the crown naturally?

We pride ourselves in our ability to create natural swirls.

How would you recreate my natural hairline?

Click here to see some before and after pictures that we consider to be typical of our results.

What risks are there associated with general anesthetic?Can the procedure be compared to any other kind of surgery?

Toggle ContentMany of our patient’s have compared the procedure to visiting the dentist.

Why do you not use a general anesthetic?

There is no need. Plus, our patients prefer to be awake to watch films, read or talk to the doctor.

Can I talk to the surgeon during the operation?

Yes. You will be able to talk as much or as little as you like throughout the entire operation.

Can I see the doctor’s credentials?


Can I meet the surgeon who will operate on me?

Yes, it is important that the doctor who will perform the procedure meets you for a consultation to plan your procedure.

Can you help me regain the feeling in my head after a FUT / STRIP operation?

Sadly, we cannot do this.

Can you aesthetically “fix” or hide scars from earlier procedures at other clinics?

Alarmingly, over 40 percent of our clients come to us to remedy unsatisfactory hair transplant operations that they have received earlier at other practices. We are confident that we can help you as well.