Hos oss utför vi endast en operation per dag. Vi lägger all fokus på en patient.

Hos oss har du en hel operationsövervåning för dig själv och behöver inte möta andra besökare.

Hos oss utför vi endast en operation per dag. Vi lägger all fokus på en patient.
Hos oss har du en hel operationsövervåning för dig själv och behöver inte möta andra besökare.

Ilter Clinic is a world-leading clinic in hair transplants. We specialize in tailoring your treatment based on your conditions and wishes.

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The Ilter Clinic offers you a personal consultation free of charge where you will receive information on your options. We provide information on FUE Ilter Method, alternative treatments and how we can achieve natural looking results.

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Comment from satisfied customer

“When I first decided to have a hair transplant, the clinic in question was very important. Who would be allowed to perform the procedure? There were extremely many clinics that claimed to be medical, but not a single one had a responsible doctor who operated. When I found Ilter Clinic, it felt like an obvious choice. That it was Dr. Ilter who performed the operation was a security.

The whole experience from consultation to the end result was fantastic. Dr. Ilter did not promise too much, gave me realistic expectations. I got a nice and natural result. My surroundings hardly understand that I have undergone a hair transplant. ”

Thank you Ilter Clinic for a fantastic job.

Dr. Ilter: Surgeon and Founder of the Ilter Clinic

Dr. Ilter is the founder of FUE IM, has 2,500 registered FUE Hair transplantation patients and the clinic is today the world leader in hair transplantation.

Dr. Ilter has 25 years surgical experience and has been active in transplantation for 14 years, since 2002. Since then, he has refined the FUE method to give patients the best possible treatment and results.

Dr. Ilter regularly participates in international seminars and conferences, has lectured worldwide and trained many top doctors. He has held courses and invited to discussions on hair transplantation in various international conferences.

Important questions before making your decision

  • Is the method you chose approved by the National Board and has it been in practice for at least 5 years? We at Ilter Clinic often get patients from other clinics who unfortunately have gone through incorrectly conducted HT intervention. This may prevent future surgeries, are difficult to repair and they can become very expensive for the patient. Choose a method that is proven and performed by experienced surgeons with specialist skills and experience.
  • Who will perform your surgery and how many years of experience does your surgeon have?
  • Is the clinic well established in the sector, has it changed its name or ownership in recent years? Several of the most renowned clinics in Sweden have gone bankrupt to only change their name, suggesting they are not taking patients seriously.
  • Did the operation transplant more than 2000 HSG per operation? Research shows that the donor area can be destroyed completely or partially in transplants over 2000 HSG.
  • Who is in charge of your hair transplant?
  • What does the guarantee promise? If 100% regrowth is promised, please be aware that when dealing with surgical procedures and biological tissue a promise of 100% regrowth is unreasonable. Be wary of such clinics.

Five reasons to perform your hair transplant procedure at the Ilter Clinic

  • FUE Ilter method gives a natural appearance thanks to the anatomically correct size of its hair follicle groups.
  • FUE Ilter method is a modern method of hair transplant and is practically free from scars or other cosmetic complications.
  • We will be pleased to give you a free consultation to learn more about hair transplant with FUE IM.
  • Through a partnership with Medical Finance, we also offer financing for your hair transplant. This gives you the opportunity to divide up your costs for surgery and treatment as you like.
  • With us, you always get a written guarantee.