Crowns improved with FUE hair transplant

The aim of treating the crown is to regain a complete head of hair. Thanks to Dr. Ilter’s unique method that enables us to reconstruct genuine swirls on the crown, the FUE Ilter Method (FUE IM) can achieve 100% natural results.

This patient, a famous TV celebrity who shall remain nameless, was suffering from hair loss and felt it was becoming too obvious under the lights during filming. It was making him feel uncomfortable and he wanted to do something about the thinning on his crown. He also wanted as much density as possible.

MD Ilter: We transplanted 1,800 grafts in a single session and retained the patient’s natural swirl on his crown. We achieved an optimal result that was extremely pleasing to the patient.


The patient had lost part of his hairline and thought it affected his hairstyle and looks. He was also experiencing hair loss around the crown and wanted to fix everything in a single session. The patient wanted a natural hairstyle, with a natural density that looked good even if would continue to lose his hair in the future. 

MD Ilter: We transplanted 1,000 graphs to recreate the patient’s natural swirl and density.

Patienten är en känd tv profil som har drabbats av håravfall och känner att det drabbade området blir iögonfallande under kamerabelysning vid inspelning. Då detta gör honom obekväm vill han göra något åt glesheten i hjässan. Han vill ha en så hög täthet som möjligt.

Dr Ilter: Genom att bevara en naturlig virvel i hjässan och under ett behandlingstillfälle placera 1800 hårsäcksgrupper åstadkommer vi ett optimalt resultat som patienten är mycket nöjd med.

The patient suffered from thin hair that was also a hereditary condition. It had bothered him most of his life and even affected his social life. He wanted to feel free and relaxed, without constantly worrying about his hair. His dream was to have a hairline that looked good in any given situation.

MD Ilter: We used 1,700 grafts to recreate a fuller hairline for the patient throughout the affected area. The results after only one session were fantastic and no further session was necessary.

The patient had previously undergone two FUT / STRIP operations at another clinic. The results were unsatisfactory after the first procedure, so they had offered to do the second for free. However, the results after the second procedure were just as bad as the first. He wanted a natural density and hair that grew in the right direction and at a natural angle.

MD Ilter: The patient had previously received 3,000 grafts from another clinic. The result was highly unsatisfactory. The hair was thin and grew at an unnatural angle. There were also long scars at the back of the head. We placed 1,600 grafts on the crown in a natural swirl to achieve a more natural pattern of growth and a denser hairline.