About the operation

Like all surgical procedures, it pays to prepare for a hair transplant both mentally and physically. This is why we offer a free consultation where we can sit down together and discuss how to achieve the best results for you.
Many factors are important at this stage for a successful FUE IM transplant. For example, a patient’s age, if hair loss runs in your family, your hair type, your rate of hair loss and the amount and quality of hair you have available for transplantation all play a role. At the Ilter Clinic, we use an advanced micro camera to take a close look at the quality of your hair and estimate its density. If you are a suitable candidate for transplantation, we can book an appointment for your treatment. During your consultation, we will also discuss any eventual medicinal treatments that may take place before or after the operation.

Operation day

Get ready to receive the best care available in the world, kick back and enjoy your day.

The day starts at 7:30 a.m. when you arrive at the clinic and we explain in detail what lies ahead. Then, pre-op photographs are taken and your hair is cut short for the operation. During the first stage, MD Ilter extracts the grafts assisted by specially trained operation assistants and nurses. A local anesthetic ensures that you do not feel any pain. While we work, you can watch films on a widescreen TV, listen to music or just relax. During a midmorning break we treat you to breakfast before we finish extracting the grafts.


After lunch, MD Ilter discusses the positioning of the grafts in the recipient area. When you are satisfied with the design, the grafts are inserted one by one. Again, the local anesthetic ensures you feel no pain. Also, you are free to take a coffee break or stretch your legs at any time. 

During the breaks, you will have access to your own private room with a balcony overlooking the archipelago. When the operation is finished in the afternoon, you will receive personalized instructions about aftercare and prescriptions for potential medicines designed to reduce future hair loss. We also give you an aftercare kit that includes soothing Aloe Vera products.


One week after the operation, a nurse will call you to make sure everything is going as planned. We ask you how you feel and give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have thought of since the procedure. Of course, you are welcome to call the Ilter Clinic at any time as well with any questions you might have.


You are welcome back to the Ilter Clinic for a final check-up twelve months after the FUE IM procedure. This meeting allows us to properly check the outcome of the operation and take more pictures. Also, it helps us ensure that the results of the operation match Ilter Clinic’s high standards for quality and design and meet every expectation you might have.