Reconstruction after failed hair surgery

Unlike an FUE treatment, FUT/STRIP operations leave visible linear scars in the donor area. The fineness of this scar depends on the healing qualities of the skin around the scar and the skills of the surgeon performing the operation. 

The Ilter Clinic offers scar reconstruction using the FUE Ilter Method (FUE IM) to camouflage large and unsightly scarring from previous transplant operations, accidents, plastic surgery and more. By taking each follicle and repositioning them in the scarred area, the tiny grafts work by breaking up the linear nature of the scar so it is less visible to the naked eye. 

The FUE IM offers an unparalleled camouflaging potential for patients wishing to hide their scars. It is estimated that 80 % of the grafts survive in the new environment, so the operation may have to be performed several times to perfect the results.

FUE reconstruction around the hairline

The Ilter Clinic has become well known for repairing less successful hair transplantations performed by other clinics. Unfortunately, this has become a large part of our work, but we are more than happy to help repairing these mistakes and help you regain a natural and healthy look.
The FUE IM makes it possible to treat patients who were previously regarded as impossible to do surgery on.
By combining our artistic, aesthetic design capabilities with our knowledge and experience of precision in hair transplantation, we customize each individual procedure so that the results are as discreet and natural as possible.
It is important to consider that a natural hairline is never a straight line. We do our furthest to achieve a variation in position and angle to mimic natural hair. With this surgical skill and artistic expertise, we are able to help people who are dissatisfied with an unnatural hairline for whatever reason.

Large transplants – “doll’s hair”

We categorize large punch grafts that leave a “doll’s hair” effect as a less successful hair transplantation method.
The punch graft transplants consist of large rounded pieces of skin that are taken from the sides and back of the head and transplanted to the balder parts of the crown. Each piece of skin has around 20 hairs that are placed in straight lines with spaces between them and the end result often looks like the hair on a doll’s head. Even FUT/STRIP operations using transplants that are too large may look like doll’s hair.
Using FUE IM, we redistribute the hair follicles from the original large grafts. We break up the distance between these punch grafts and can even add density where necessary.