Hair loss in women

Hair loss is not just a male phenomenon. It is a relatively common and natural part of aging and many women lose their hair too. While many men regard thinning hair as inevitable, women are often more emotionally affected by hair loss and may lose their self-esteem. Hair loss can have a huge impact on a woman’s quality of life.

About female hair loss

Female hair loss is not thoroughly understood, but it is known to normally affect the entire head and is more diffuse than in men. Despite this difference, Female Pattern Baldness is thought to be related to the same factors that cause male hair loss, e.g. genes, hormones and age. The scale and range of Female Pattern Baldness is illustrated in the Ludwig Scale shown above.

Modern hair transplant techniques

Thankfully, modern hair transplant techniques offer women the same opportunities as men. With the FUE Ilter Method, many women who had been told nothing could be done are now being helped to:

– Fill out their areas of thin hair without damaging existing hair follicles
– Position their hairs closer together to create greater hair density
– Minimize scarring in their donor and recipient areas
– Completely recreate their natural hairline

Free consultation for FUE

Your hair loss might depend on a variety of factors. As a result, hair transplantation may not be the best method of treatment for your particular case. That is why we offer a free consultation to properly assess the causes and recommend the best treatment for you. For more information on how the FUE Ilter Method can help women with female hair loss, read Sophia’s testimonial and take a look at her before and after images.