FUE IM – A world class hair transplant

The Ilter Clinic uses its own in-house hair transplantation technique called the FUE Ilter Method (FUE IM). This world leading technique is removing individual grafts from the donor area and transplanting them into the recipient area. Compared to other procedures, FUE IM offers denser positioning and reduces the risk of visible scarring. In addition, the results look 100 % natural.

Improving FUE with FUE IM

The FUE technique is a modern hair restoration method that allows for transplanting hair follicles without the need for a scalpel or stitches. The transplant is performed with special microsurgical instruments to ensure no visible scarring. Because the FUE method is less traumatic than other techniques, several procedures can be carried out on the same patient within a short period of time.

FUE IM is a refinement of FUE featuring advanced instruments that are even smaller than normal FUE tools. The tiny tools mean that almost all grafts are removed intact. Also, the smaller incisions result in denser placing, faster healing and dramatically reduced risk for scarring. This cutting-edge method opens the way for micro-made craftsmanship in hair restoration.

What is FUE IM?

FUE IM is a refined version of the original FUE method. MD Ilter is the man behind these advancements in FUE. He is the one who has developed the FUE IM.

FUE Ilter Method Overview:

1. FUE IM puts the patient at the center of attention. We want to make our patients comfortable, cause as little trauma as possible and achieve the best results based on each patient’s condition. We have earned our reputation for focusing on the customer by differentiating our treatment from others, starting from the initial consultation all the way to the final 12-month control.

2. FUE IM enjoys significant advantage through modifications to microsurgical tools allowing higher precision throughout the entire procedure, from extraction to making incisions to placement of grafts. Instead of using ordinary instruments that are 1mm in diameter, FUE IM uses customized tools that are 0.5 to 0.75mm. The exactness offered by these tiny tools leads to faster healing times and a dramatically reduced risk of visible scarring.

3. At the Ilter Clinic, we use a 0.5 mm punch for a 1-2 follicle unit graft, but more often units have 1-3 follicles, in which case we use a 0.7 mm punch. If the diameter of a follicle is larger than usual, we might use a 0.7 mm punch. The largest punch we use is 0.75mm, but they are almost exclusively used for Afro hair. The industry standard, however, is 1-1.25mm.

4. Even for lateral incisions in the recipient area, we routinely use 0.7-0.8 mm blades. Even though it might seem an extreme precaution, we have found that there is 4 times less trauma compared to the industry standard.

5. In our efforts to refine our instruments, we have found that by keeping blades neither blunt, nor sharp we can remove almost all grafts intact. In many cases, our tiny tools have successfully extracted 99 % of grafts.

6. Hair design is carried out in consultation with the patient. We find that harmony between surgeon and patient makes it easier for both sides to reach satisfactory results that suit the patient in terms of proportion, symmetry and overall geometry.

7. Grafts are handled with the highest quality standards incorporating the latest research and state-of-the-art technology. Due to their microscopic size, grafts are very delicate and we require that they are being handled according to the FUE IM protocols.

8. Quality control is performed at every step of the way. If we notice a need for changes, they are made immediately. Training and developing a new method are a continuous, hands-on process.

9. By using the whole donor area, we can double the opportunity for operable hair follicles and the amount of harvested grafts.

10. Post-op care can be the most important stage of an entire operation. With FUE IM, however, there is less trauma and we rarely encounter problems in the post-op stage.

11. We cannot stress enough that the whole process rests on the skill and technique of the surgeon and his/ her team. Because FUE IM is a refinement of FUE, the doctor must be comfortable with traditional FUE before moving up to the next level, FUE IM.

12. Experience. We have developed our method through hundreds of FUE IM operations and base our knowledge on more than 1,200 documented FUE sessions. Many of them are mega sessions of more than 2,000 grafts.