Price for hair transplantation

How many grafts are enough for a hair transplant?
The number of grafts required in an FUE Ilter Method (FUE IM) hair transplant varies from case to case. This is because people have different goals and varying degrees of hair loss. In addition, factors such as thickness and color of hair also play a role in a patient’s final decision and consequently the cost for the procedure.

Price for FUE IM hair transplantation

The total price for hair transplantation depends on the total number of grafts to be transplanted. Estimated prices are listed below.

Although we are Europe’s most experienced FUE clinic, we still have low rates for the FUE procedure, compared to other clinics in Sweden. We also offer consultations, completely free off charge.

It is important to remember that your supply of donor hair (i.e. the hairs on the sides and back of your head) is a limited source of grafts. This calls for a first-class hair surgeon to recognize the limitations and make the most of your supply. Nevertheless, patients with a higher rating on the Norwood or Ludwig scales may have to sacrifice some density to achieve maximum coverage or choose not to fill in certain areas for a denser look elsewhere.

The following lists can be used as a guide to prices at the Ilter Clinic. They are based on the experience we have gained from performing more than 6000 FUE procedures. Remember, however, that every operation is unique and prices will vary depending on your specific circumstances.

Norwood scale (Men)

Norwood 1:
No operation necessary.
Norwood 2:
No operation necessary, 500 to 800 grafts may be transplanted if symmetry is problematic.
Norwood 2a:
500 to 800 grafts to restore the center or correct proportions.
Norwood 3:
800 to 1,000 grafts for the front and temples.
Norwood 3a:
1,300 to 1,600 grafts for the front.
Norwood 4:
1,100 to 1,400 for the front and 800 to 1,100 for the crown.
(1,900 to 2,500 grafts in total)
Norwood 4a:
1,700 to 2,500+ for the front.
Norwood 5:
1,500 to 1,700 for the front and 1,000 to 1,500 for the crown.
(2,500 to 3,200 grafts in total.)
Norwood 5a:
2500 to 3200+ grafts.
Norwood 6:
1,700 to 2,500 for the front and 1,500 to 1,700 for the crown.
(3200 to 4200+ grafts in total)
Norwood 7:
2,500 to 3,000+ grafts to rebuild the front.

Ludwig scale (women)

I. 1500 + grafts.
II. 3000 + grafts.
III. 4000 + grafts.

Because many women do not like the idea of shaving their head for an FUE IM procedure, we offer the opportunity to complete a hair transplant in stages. This is done by strategically choosing donor sites that can be hidden by overlying hair. However, it also means that large operations may require more than one visit.

Free consultation
An FUE hair transplant often holds the highest value for restoring hair growth because the results look natural and last a lifetime. Contact us to find out if we have the right solution for you. Ilter Clinic offers a free consultation to discuss the available alternatives based on your situation.