What is the difference between FUE IM and FUT/Strip?

The transplant procedure

FUT/Strip: The STRIP method has been used for many years. It involves removing a strip of skin from the back of the head (the donor area) using a scalpel. After removal, the gap at the back of the head is stitched back together. The strip of skin from the donor area is divided into grafts. Serious clinics will perform this stage using a microscope, as the grafts should be divided to contain one, two or three follicles. Unfortunately this is not always the case, which leads to unnatural-looking hair and dissatisfied patients.

FUE IM: FUE is an advanced technique for extracting hair follicles done entirely without a scalpel or stitches. The hair follicles are removed one by one from a donor area with the help of powerful magnification and special microsurgical instruments that are less than a millimeter in size. FUE IM is very patient-friendly thanks to its minimally invasive nature. The grafts are always small due to the micro instruments and the method regularly leads to a natural look.